Vlase has the expertise gained from more than three decades working in his field to provide professional consultation services in the areas of the conservation, preservation and maintenance of sculpture and fountains in public and private collections.

His consultancy ranges from advice on how to repair and resurface valuable three dimensional works of art to the supervision of major rebuilds of large sculptures including fountains in public spaces and parks.



Large 3.3 metres high bronze sculpture by Lyndon Dadswell in a busy foyer needs resurfacing. Vlase advises on methods to restore the original patina.

The National Gallery of Ausralia in Canberra requires technical advice on how to repair BIRD IN FLIGHT, a marble sculpture by Brancusi. The broken section is invisibly joined back on to the main sculpture and internally reinforced to make the work more robust.

The prefabricated highly polished stainless steel forms of the Minami Tada sculpture require extensive work to repair vandalism to the surfaces of this public sculpture.


Vlasé (pronounced Vlasay) Nikoleski lives and works near the shores of Lake Macquarie in NSW Australia
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